Scot Schmidt Has Still Got It

Freeski Pioneer Slays at 52

Salomon Freeski TV’s newest episode follows the Father of Freeskiing, the legendary Scot Schmidt. First bursting onto the ski-lebrity scene following the1987 release of Greg Stump’s “The Blizzard of Aahhh’s,” Schmidt became one of the first skiers to gain recognition and admiration without every competing in the World Cup Racing Tour. Very simply, Schmidt invented a genre and gave life to a future in the skiing world that was otherwise nonexistent. Every skier today is forever indebted to what Scot Schmidt unknowingly did by going out and getting radical. And as it turns out, he still can.

Best Quotes From The Episode:

“You’ve got to be really good at processing fear and anxiety and understanding where that fine line is with your ability and courage…it’s a real game.”

“There’s always a risk in meeting one of your heros. People tend to build people up into what they want them to be…Scot Schmidt is still a skiers skier. He lives in a cabin on the side of a mountain and pretty mush skis every day, all winter long.”

“I’ve been a man without a mountain for a long time. Now, I’m slopeside, living in a cabin, and skiing every day– getting my passion back.”


Nine Knights Course Preview

4FRNT’s Olympic Champion David Wise Reveals The Greatest Freestyle Course

Men’s Halfpipe Olympic Gold Medalist, David Wise of 4FRNT Skis, gives a behind the scenes look at what is becoming the greatest course ever constructed for freestyle snowsports athletes, the Suzuki Nine Knights presented by GoPro. Last week female freeskiers and snowboarders gathered on Mottolino Fun Mountain in Livigno, Italy to ride the most inspiring snow castle Suzuki has built for Nine Queens. Now, it’s the fellas’ turn to delve into their creative riding expanse on a course with endless possibilities. The Big Air Contest this Friday April 4th will serve as one of the most innovative and inspiring riding sessions in freeskiing history.  Read More

Snowboarders Lawsuit Asked To Be Thrown Out

US Forest Service Leans on Judge to Dismiss



Posted on: 6:13 pm, March 31, 2014, by updated on: 06:38am, April 1, 2014

“SALT LAKE CITY — The U.S. Forest Service has asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed over Alta ski resort’s snowboarding ban.

In court papers filed late Monday in U.S. District Court here, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Utah asked a judge to dismiss the case. The government says it has sovereign immunity and the group Wasatch Equality has “failed to state a claim on which relief can be granted” under the Fifth Amendment right to due process.

Read the U.S. Forest Service filing here.

In the filing, the federal government also said it has discretion about what activities can take place on public lands.

“For example, the United States may decide to allow fishing within a wildlife refuge, but it may choose to limit particular waters within that refuge only to fly fishing, which necessarily excludes other type of fishing,” assistant U.S. Attorney Jared Bennett wrote.

Wasatch Equality is suing Alta ski resort and the federal government over its snowboarding ban, claiming it violates their rights to equal protection under the U.S. Constitution. In a filing last week, Alta said snowboarders are not a protected class of people.

A hearing in the case is expected in the coming weeks.”

See our original report of the lawsuit here.


Garrett Russell Goes to The Circus

House Team Rider Travels to Japan with LINE Traveling Circus

KONNICHIWA! House Team Rider Garrett Russell joined LINE Traveling Circus for their 5,000 mile journey to Japan. Highlights of the trip: Ramen (lots and lots of Ramen), Monkeys, the smell of foreigners, friendship…oh yeah, and some pretty sick skiing. Check out Garrett and The TC Crew’s shred sesh and creativity on the big island!




The House Ski Team Thrashes at Wild Mountain

Minnesnowta Hammer Down In The Grey

March 21, 2014– It was a warm, greybird day at Wild Mountain. In the early morning, the snow came down wet and heavy, in a furious choke. The Park Crew had spent the week building a channel gap, which had a 60ft transfer, and a Frankenstein rail feature. The snow was turning to sludge, concrete; antagonizing the group of skiers that had assembled to shred. House Team Riders Dan Hampton, Cody Thornberg, and Shane McNally, along with pals Kyle Thornberg, Craig Weiler, Mac Mitchell, Mitch Forsythe, Andrew Tolzmann, and a brief visit from the screamin’ Norwegian Kenny Jorgenson, hammered a stellar full-day session despite Mother Nature’s best efforts to trash the party. Nothing a couple sprays of RainX can’t solve (seriously, these bros sprayed the bases of their skis to make this happen). Big thanks to Kyle Thornberg and the Wild Mountain Park Crew, as well as the entire Wild Mountain Staff.

Music: “Feel The Heat,” WorldCAT Read More