The Interior Plain Project welcomes Jeff Gabrick

Jeffy Gabrick


Jeffy Gabrick might be a little rough around the edges; he chain smokes, swears in front of small children, and flicks the bird every time you take a picture of him.  What makes Jeffy great is his welcoming smile and man-hugs, his willingness to give up his seat for a girl (Witnessed at Videograss’ The Last Ones premier), and the passion he has for riding and showing the ropes to the groms coming up.

So here’s a huge congratulations to Jeffy for being a genuinely awesome person, an unreal rider, and for earning a spot on The Interior Plain Project team!

VIDEOGRASS: The Last Ones Teaser

The Last Ones Teaser


The Last Ones could be Videograss’ greatest installment.  With a crew that emulates the weight and presence of the Forum 8, Videograss’ The Last Ones blasts bangers one after another.

If you’re lucky enough to see the whole flick you’ll realize Joe Sexton opens with a jaw dropping show and there’s no lack of Minnesota riders; Danimals, Jake Olsen-Elm, Jonas Michilot, Justin Fronius, and Zac Marben show the world what growing up at Hyland will do to your riding.  Thrashing in the greatest light with the ender is Justin Fronius, this could be one of the best enders on the 2014 season.



Fun new way to skate at night

From Sunset Skateboards out of California comes the Flare LED Skateboard Wheels with Light Emitting Diodes or LED’s inside the urethane wheels. While not a completely new concept to the market, which is clearly represented in the promo video with the terrible 80′s montage music and filming style and at $39.95 they are not that bad of a deal.

(Starbrites LED Wheels Form 1980)

LED skate

They are still kind of cool and I am sure there are going to be some cool applications for them such as long exposure photographysafety while bombing hills at night or while out for a late night cruise with your gang.  But if you are more like me and want just some good Ol’ fashion skate wheels and a new deck then in the words of Ron Burgundy- “Stay classy San Diego”.

Grow Your Quiver By Globe.

Grow your quiver. A euphemism for, well you know what… or is this an advertisement about The 5 Stages of Death and Skateboarding?

logo-heather-globe_preview**Please see the links for additional insight to my emotional process**

The first stage is Denial.

The opening scene is of a model in a swimsuit and her friend Becky grabs her saying “C’mon there’s no time for pants! We’re having a pillow fight!” -Which of course you know, as anyone does, is a totally normal thing for women to do, especially in the summertime. Wait why are those guys on a mini ramp in the background? Confusion and bewilderment is starting to set in and I am tilting my head at my screen saying to myself “This can’t be happening, this isn’t real. It’s some sort of Roxy advertisement…”

The second stage is Anger.

“What the hell is happening here? Don’t those girls know that at any moment a skateboard is going to fly off the mini and smash one of them in the face?!…GIRLS, BIKINIS, PILLOW FIGHTS AND SKATEBOARDING? WHAAAWHAA WHAT.” I now at this point am verbalizing these things at my screen now, as if there were an answer to my questions and that someone was going to give them to me.

The third stage is bargaining.

“Please don’t let this be real.”

The fourth stage is Depression.

My head is now in my hands staring blankly at the screen wondering if there is worth doing in life. “If that is skating, what have I been doing this whole time? I’m such a waste of space…just hang it up George, you will never skate again.” I let the emotions of self-doubt flood as I know that I shall have wasted countless hours at a crappy skate park, with all dudes sweating with no women in bikinis eagerly cheering as they watch someone land a nollie trefilp crook grind on a downbar.

The fifth and final stage is Acceptance.

“I must buy one. It seems to be the only way I can achieve Skate-enlightenment and have a sense of oneness with the universe.” If this is what it takes these days to get people on skateboards then so be it. At least maybe now that this is the new skateboarding, maybe more of my time will be spent at beautiful houses filled with bubbly models in bikinis, splashing around eager to watch me skate, grow my quiver and party with them. Thanks Globe I know what I must do.

The NSJ Crew new track “Khaki Pants”

What happens when you take a bunch of  Minneapolis kids in a after school program and let them have freewill? Well…you get the Lord Of The Flies. But in this amazing  program you get something spectacular!  The NSJ Crew might be small in size like Muggsy Bogues;

Muggsy B.

But with over 7 million views on their debut song “Hot Cheeto’s & Takis” the now anthem of the spicy snacks.  These kids are not only getting big, but doing something big as well.   A back to school jam for Kmart?  Yep!  They have one called “My Limo” which is all about hitting the bus and heading back to school with swagger and style.

The North Side YMCA after school programs co- directors Ralph Jones and J.T. Evans who in their previous line of work were music producers themselves, took a different direction with their young pupils energy, sometimes over the top, to harness something that was creative and educational. Teaching their kids real world skills like collaboration, video editing, promotion and self expression. These kids could be just running around a gymnasium sweating and throwing balls at each others faces until it’s time for them to go home, as is the case at most after school programs. But at this special Northside community center something is happening where self expression and limitless creativity are embraced rather than pump these kids full of Ritalin.