Jake Moore Edit

If you don’t know who Jake Moore is, you’ll find out very soon.  At :28 he bomb drops Buck Hills’ pipe, watch for jibbers starting to do this into 22′ superpipes…

Independent Trucks Welcomes Tony Hawk

That’s right, Independent Trucks welcomes Tony Hawk to their team.  There’s going to be a lot going on with the Birdman being that he’s now on Indy.

Best Kendama Edit

The Japanese Kendama children’s toy has caught on with skiers and snowboarders across the nation.  It’s easier to travel with than a PS3 and adapteres aren’t need to play in foreign lands.

Here is the world’s best Kendama edit.  Enjoy.


Winter X Games 2013: Real Snow – Round 1

8 video parts and you decide who wins. GO watch and Vote!

X Games rookies and film veterans face off in this year’s X Games Real Snow – all-urban – snowboard video contest. Each rider submitted a 60-second video part for a shot and Winter X Games gold.  In Winter X Games 2013: Real Snow- round 1: We have Midwest native and up-and-comer Ethan Deiss vs Eero Ettala. Also going head to head we have the Dan Brisse vs Bode Merrill, Jermey Jones vs Frank Aprill, and Louis Paradis vs Pat Moore!

One Run – Austin Smith – Nitro Snowboards

Austin Smith at Big Bear

Nitro Snowboards has been releasing One Run clips for a while.  They’re not really called edits because One Run is a raw unedited shot of a rider from the top of the mountain to the bottom.

Here is One Run with Austin Smith cruising through Big Bear on the second lap of the day.  He looks like a fun guy to ride with.