Jossi Wells Chats with PaddyO

Profesional Skier and 2014 Olympian Jossi Wells recently sat down with The House’s PaddyO to discuss the upcoming season, his thoughts on Russia, and the Sea Monkeys that now live in his knees.  Wells has been competing since he was a child. He is a mainstay of the podium, a former World Champion, sponsored by the top companies in the industry, featured in magazines, and considered one of the best Freeskiers in the world. Yet, he does not let this go to his head. He is no prima donna. Wells still finds the joy, love, and fun in his passion. The stoke is still there, very much present, very much palpable. Jossi Wells is a normal sarcastic and fun loving New Zealander who likes working on motorcycles, laughing, and skateboarding. He just happens to be extremely good at something he loves to do.


Jossi’s Beard

Jossi’s Skis

Jossi’s Boots and More

Jossi’s Goggles and Eyeware

Jossi’s Outerware


Epic Family Competes in Epic Race

Meet The Browns

The Brown Family of St. Paul, MN have chosen to take on Vail Resort’s Epic Race. Their home ski hill Afton Alps was recently acquired by Vail Resorts and The Browns jumped at the opportunity to compete for a lifetime pass. They recently sat down atop a mountain with PaddyO Man of Action and the Action News Team to delve into their plans. The excitement is palpable, the plans are tremendous, the race is Epic!

Jossi Wells – Sponsor My Beard

Olympian, Pro Skier is Without Shampoo Sponsor

Jossie-wells-3Ski Superstar Jossi Wells stopped by The House to chat with PaddyO about the saddest truth: his extreme and utter lack of a Shampoo Sponsor. Jossi is known for his high flying acrobatics and technical precision in Ski Halfpipe and Slopestyle. More notably, he is known for his coif and beard. His new wave Tony Hawk esque side part comb-over and chiseled grizzled soup strainer crumb catcher are inspiring and eye catching cabeza adornments. Yet they are on the brink of becoming a hindrance. The beauty of their look is undercut by their noxious nature. Quite frankly (and Jossi admits), his head smells like the inside of a kangaroo pouch. How can Jossi concentrate on ripping mountain crumbling slashes when the heat from his french onion soup, burnt Korean BBQ, and low tide smelling beard melts his goggles? He can not. How can he concentrate on throwing whirly birds in the stunt ditch when his hair looks like an Exxon Mobile disaster? He can not. This Kiwi needs a Shampoo Sponsor like Hall needs Oates, like Soul Glo needs the Jerry Curl, like spandex needs the deep single leg squat and forward lunge. Sponsoring this man’s dome piece and face fur is sponsoring his future, allowing him to be the man he is meant to be. Let us band together in an alliance for aroma, a fellowship of fuzz. We’re with you Jossi, you Weirdo Beardo…we’re with you!

(photo: Stephan Jende,

 Get This Man A Shampoo Sponsor!

Checkpoint Minnesota

Statewide Winter Scavenger Hunt Offers 40k in Prizes


Explore Minnesota Tourism has just launched a winter-long scavenger hunt  to be run from December 10 to February 7. The House’s Checkpoint will be at Lutsen Mountains Ski Area. We have put two Minnesota Fat Bikes, two snowboard packages, one ski package, and ten $100 gift cards into the prize mix. Check out the press release and SIGN UP TODAY!


Explore Minnesota Tourism, in partnership with Minneapolis-based Monopoint Media, today launch a statewide scavenger hunt. Called “CHECKPOINT MN,” the project includes 10 checkpoint signs placed at iconic Minnesota winter destinations.

The event is free and runs Dec. 10 through Feb. 7. It aims to mobilize thousands of participants over the course of eight weeks with $40,000+ in prizes, including winter gear, snow bikes, GPS devices, getaway packages, and more. Read More

Surfing In Tignes Frances

Surf TignesFrench photographer Tristan Shu captured his friend Charles Navillod surfing Tignes, France in early season snow.

Surfing predates snowboarding by hundreds of years yet the two sports share a common bond. Snowboarders have been taking inspiration from their beach-bum brethren in an attempt to achieve the same stoke. The influence of surfing  is seen in today’s no boarding movement. Although Charles Navillod’s snowboarding-surfing combo was a creative attempt to further combine the sports it was nothing compared to Signal Snowboards Every Third Thursday – Fish Out Of The Water  – Surfboard Hybrid.

The Signal Crew designed a functional snowboard you could actually surf. Click here to check out the video of Rob Machado catching some waves in SoCal and the Signal Crew shredding some pow at BaldFace in British Columbia.

Rob Machado Shreds A Surfboard/Snowboard Hybrid