Framed Bikes Has A New Fatty

Twin Cities Company Introduces Affordable Fat Bike

The Minnesota Series

Framed Bikes, St. Paul, MN, has created something new and bold in the Mountain Bike Industry: a Fat Bike that is technically sound and affordable. They have just introduced the Minnesota 1.0 and the Minnesota 2.0. Both start under $900. These fatties have a “tighter cockpit” than other bikes in their class giving them the utmost maneuverability and smoothest ride available. These big boys look like The Hulk but move like Spiderman. The most exciting spec point about The Minnesota Series is their versatility in the snow and all extreme weather conditions. The wide platform provides confidence when Mother Nature is crushing snow, rain, sleet, or whatever else she may conjure. Hands down, the Minnesota 1.0 and the Minnesota 2.0 are incredibly fun and the best Fat Bikes around for the money. We are offering a Pre-Order Promotion on our site; which means the consumer receives a free wheel set (value $400), including hubs, rotors, and cassettes.


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Surviving Telluride

Seth Morrison and Jacob Wester Get Shown The Ropes, I Get Sentimental

Last Season, professional freeride extraordinaires Seth Morrison and Jacob Wester rolled into town with the Oakley Team to try and tackle one of North America’s last remaining frontiers: the Telluride Backcountry. The Town of Telluride sits tucked at the end of a box canyon amongst the most concentrated amount of 13ers on the continent. Telluride is a town with a passionate history steeped in equal parts of burliness and funkiness. The skiing community of Telluride is a feverish group of dedicated mountain people. Morrison and Wester were invited into the fold and educated in the exciting backcountry terrain and intensely dangerous San Juan snowpack. From the tip and tail choke of the Jaquin to the ominous walls of the Banana to the prayers needed to take on the 11s, the edits compiled from the pro skiers’ adventure pull at my passion as well as my heartstrings.

I am very biased and show Telluride the most love of any and all ski towns and resorts. I am unashamed in that bias. In fact, I celebrate it. My passion for skiing was birthed there. I worked almost every job a ski bum can dream up: pizza delivery, snowmaking, liftie, ski patrol (just to name a few). I even worked in a Women’s Boutique for a short period. Yes, I named all the mannequins but that’s a whole ‘nother story. Telluride has something different than any other ski town in North America. It can’t be named or pointed at, only experienced. This is the place of double rainbows, hippie hula hoop dancing, facepaint, weirdness, deep snow, ripping runs, and super technical terrain. This is the place where St. Nic Kyle whispers in the woods and Gary visits the sacred 7, where North calls to South with “a big 10-4 von bonderhoffen,” where ScottyP the largest skiing Hoosier alive whoops and hollers. If you haven’t been, go. If you don’t know, get educated. And please rip a couple of mountain crumbling slashes for me. By the way, it’s dumping there.

Check out Oakley’s edits below. Keep a look out for Himay’s dreads (though I wish he bellowed one of his famous Yetti Yulps), Caleb’s sweet goggle tan, Steen McQueen’s boyish charm and captivating smile, Sterbie’s snow weasel knowledge, and the beauty that is Telluride, Colorado.

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In the News: Mimi Wiencke – Road to the 2014 Sochi Olympics

House team rider Mimi Wiencke is the US top contender for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games.  Check out the vid to see what to do to get where she’s at.

Wild #1: Josh Tranby & Garrett McKenzie

It looks like photographer/videographer Jared Levine has been putting work in with Josh Tranby and Garrett McKenzie.  It’ll be great to see what’s to come from these guys.

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