Too Hard | OMG

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Too Hard does it again with their latest release of OMG.  Saving the best for last Kayli Hendricks pushes the entire series onto the next level.

Riders: Fancy Rutherford, Taylor Elliot, Danyale Patterson, Marjorie Couturier, Joanie Robichaud, Maria Thomsen, Maria Hilde, Dina Treland, Kayli Hendricks

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The Western Front (1989) | Full Movie

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1989 brought a revolution: “(All quiet on) the Western Front” was the first movie by Fall Line Films Productions, and Noah Salasnek, Dave Seoane, and Chris Roach with their day-glo gear and rad, skateboard-inspired moves started a new freestyle movement. This VHS featured everything that makes snowboarding movies so great: innovative tricks, heavy beats, and it made you want to go shred! This video changed some lives, just like the following Fall Line flicks did, “Snowboarders in Exile” (1990) or “Riders on the storm” (1992). 

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-Words by FLF Films


Young & hungry | The Launch 2015

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The Young and Hungry squad pushed it hard at The Launch.  The event, presented by Snowboarder Magazine and Volcom, which is hosted by Mammoth Mountain showcases the best and most raw talent moving into the pro scene.  Perfect weather, prime jibs, and smooth jumps is all that’s needed to make magic happen.

Riders: Eli Lamm, Benny Milam, Brandon Kirkland, Alex Kirkland, Lukas Caye, Cole DiMeglio, Garrett McKenzie, Ryland West, Brock Crouch, Fede Chiaradio, and Miles Falcon

Edit: Billy Bjork

Strangers Welcome | Episode 11

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Freestyle Snowboarding

With a rhythmic cadence Strange Brew has been producing jaw dropping edits all season long.  From the pure talent of the riders to the strong understanding of composure from the filmers and editors this is a crew that is hard to parallel.  If you wrap up the season with one edit, it should be Strange Brew’s Strangers Welcome Episode 11.  Well done guys.

Riders: Brady Lem, Alex Fuzi, Nial Romanek, Dillon Bonnie, Scoli Bones, Chris Gulick, Cody Horan, Freddy McCarthy, Felix Mobarg, Keenan Cawley, Ricky Koukal, Brett Wulc, Zander Blackmon, Danny Kern, Mark Wilson, Armeen Pirooz, Casey Pletz, Blake Hunter, Simon, Thaddeus Tolbert, Brett Wilkinson, Kody Williams, Ryland West, Ian Daly, Riley Nickerson, Austin Ford

Film/Edit: Danny Kern and Brett Wulc

Music: Youngbloodz – Shake ‘em Off | Whodini – Five Minutes of Funk

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Triple Backflip On Dirt Bike


Not a lot of people may know about Josh Sheehan but he just did something big.  Late last year Travis Pastrana decided to try a triple backlfip on a dirt bike in to a air bag and he stomped it.  Now Josh Sheehan decided to try it for real.  So the Nitro Circus crew built this giant ramp and giant landing and he stomped the triple backflip on it.

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-Scotty P