Noah Salasnek – Style Legacy

Noah Salasnek

With a hail storm of notifications across all social media platforms the snowboarding world learned yesterday of Noah Salasnek’s passing.  As a true style icon who blossomed from skateboarding in the late 80’s Noah defined and created the blunted influences that can still be seen in todays riding.

Noah pioneered a perspective that paid homage to skateboarding in snowboarding’s second generation.  With talent, determination, and a willingness to be his best Noah grew to the height of his career as both a freestyle and big mountain rider; a very difficult task even by today’s standards.

May the lips be fresh, landings soft, and pow light.

R.I.P. Noah Salasnek

The Launch Photo Recap | Snowboarder Mag

The Launch

Snowboarder Magazine’s The Launch event was a breath of fresh air.  For riders earning their stripes the season tends to be congested with contests, organizing bodies, and rules.  While checking in on arrival day the invited congregation let out a harmonious sigh of relief;  the spirit of snowboarding, of freedom and creativity, was sweeping over us, engulfing our souls, and washing our sins.

The stage was set at Snow Summit for four days of ideal southern California ripping.  “Sunny n’ Sick” was easily heard throughout The Launch.  Why wouldn’t it be?  Every day on snow was perfect – the warming sun rays, a gentle breeze, and a light crispness of air that can only be provided by dense pines made The Launch heaven on earth.

– Rider Highlights –

Zeke Oppegaard:  Capita Snowboards, Union Bindings, Volcom Clothing, and Electric Goggles

The man-child Zeke Oppegaard got more play than Heffner in the 70’s.  With an aggressive ability Zeke pushed off fear resting on his shoulders and launched into the forefront of the rider pile.  For a kid who under 13 he sure has a great start to what will become a long career.

Sam Stillman: Interior Plain Project Snowboards

Sam Stillman is the hardest working self promoting rider in the game.  He’s constantly putting in time to get the right angle for the right shot with the right style and it’s paying off.  Slaughtering jibs was second nature and boosting quarterpipes had the people calling out for more.

Brandon Kirkland:  Rome Snowboards, ThirtyTwo Boots, Neff Clothing, Ashbury Goggles

GREASED!  That’s the common theme behind everything Brandon Kirkland does – he greases it.  With a slick and laid back style Brandon was the silent killer of the week.  Roaming amongst the pack Brandon has a tendency to charge forward and do something that takes everyone off-guard.

Walker Murphy: Ride Snowboards, Von Zipper

It’s hard not to watch the complete field of riders and see Walker Murphy’s riding scream out for attention – he rides fast, goes bigger, and puts it all on the line.  While his peers stop to grill dogs for lunch Walker continues to hike and get the shot.  Walker doesn’t bail or washout – he SLAMS and gets back up until he rides away bolts.

Chaney Gilmore: Dinosaurs Will Die Snowboards

Chaney Gilmore, Mr. Birthday Boy himself, blew out the candles, smashed the cake in everyone’s face, and flipped the table just as a devote Dirty Boy should do.   Usually found filming in the street Chaney quickly adjusted his urban assault style to hips and tranny galore.

Repolia Robinson: Nitro Snowboards

If Repolia was a wizard he’d be the greatest of them all – Gandolf.  With hella’ smoke there’s no mirrors in his tricks, just pure magic.  The only thing he knows is going hard, so hard that you can feel the ground shake when he lands.  Repo levels ups and everyone takes notice.

Nick Belbas: Rossignol Snowboards, ThirtyTwo Boots, and Giro Goggles

The all around stand out did it all.  Nick Belbas shines as bright as the southern California sun.  From huge gaps, quarter pipes, rails, and transfers the Big Boss holds his own on everything under the sun.  Nick ripped like a mullet all week – fun and game with a splash of serious business.

Pete Croasdale: Rome Snowboards and ThirtyTwo Boots

Pistol Pete Croasdale is a loaded gun who doesn’t give warning shots.  Quick off the hip Pete aims to kill everything is sight – and he had his sights set on the massive jump at Summit.  With a murderous style Pete was set up with a sunset shoot and Front Double 1080.

Brody Sanderson: K2 Snowboards and ThirtyTwo Boots

Brody definitely put his time in at the Launch.  First finding his rhythm one footed through the rhythm section, then the rails, over the hips, blasting off the jump/ transfer gap, and lastly on the tech quarter pipe transfer feature Brody does it all with a touch of Midwest pride.

Support provided by Oakley

Select images in gallery below | Photos by Matt Guf

Vans Slip Ons Lite Shoes

Vans Hero

The world’s best shoe – Vans Slip Ons

The classic checkerboard patter may catch your eye at first, but the simplistic design, practical comfort, and lightweight appeal of the Vans Slip Ons will grab ahold of your heart.  These may look like a classic, but they’re not – they’ve been updated with 21st century technology.

Elastic mid-step bands allow for easy entry and exit and a subtle amount of padding line the perimeter of the foot opening.  Do they fit snug for their size?  Yes, and for good reason, the canvas weave upper will stretch slight throughout it’s lifetime causing for a perfect worn-in fit.

For a low profile shoe the Vans Slip Ons have an unreal amount of cushioning.  The insole and outsole are made of a lightweight proprietary foam Vans calls Ultra Cush Lite. Ultra Cush Lite provides great shock absorption and virtually zero break-in time.  Out of the box the Vans Slip Ons automatically feel like heaven on earth.

With a skate and beach vibe the Vans Slip Ons stick to grip and leave waffle sole tread patterns in the sand. The slight off-white/ eggshell color tips the hat to the days of yesteryear. Stride with confidence every time you wear the Vans Slip Ons by dressing them up or down and know you’re a step ahead of everyone else.

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Hump Day Giveaway – 3/29/2017

1 - Hump Day v2

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2017 SIA On Snow Snowboard Village 360 Tour

Take A Stroll Through The Snowboard Village!

Guf walks us around the snowboard village at the 2017 SIA on Snow Demo. Have a look around for sneak peeks at all of the 17/18 gear.