Transworld Snowboarding Video Magazine Volume #1

This is what snowboarding looked like in 1993.  Long before the constant stream of internet edits the only way to get watch a video was by buying a VHS at the local shop or borrowing one from a friend.  Take a second to be thankful for the accessibility to watch as much snowboarding as you do.

Featuring: Terje Haakonsen, Craig Kelly, Noah Salasnek, Jim Rippey, Peter Line, Todd Schlosser, Dave Lee, Andy Hetzel, Jason Brown, and Allister Schultz.

Film & Edit: Mack Dawg.

Rome Snowboards – Beer & Rails Teaser

[vimeo 134333412 w=730]

Liquid courage. Nerve tonic. Pork chop in a can. Whatever you call it, it’s all the same once it hits your lips: BEER. This adult beverage has been entwined with snowboarding since the dawn of time—cold ones kicked back in the parking-lot, a 12-pack at the spot, or late-night shotguns at a house party.

The Strange Brew boys are no strangers to slugging cold ones. They’ve built their reputation out of Tahoe by thrashing urban environments, traveling by van, and crushing cans all the while. Thousands of miles away across an ocean, Toni Kerkelä has spent his seasons meticulously picking apart street spots and filming hammers on his home turf of Finland. Toni’s built his reputation by putting out multiple video parts every year, full of his crisp style. When you park the Strange Brew van in the U.S. and mash them and Toni together in Finland, you get “Beer & Rails”.

When the wave of fermented grain finally crashed and washed Strange Brew up on the streets of Jyväskylä, Finland, they got a two-week guided session of Toni’s home-town spots. The crew was comprised of Riley Nickerson, Keenan Cawley, Ian Daly, Jasper Tripp, and Toni Kerkelä. With equal parts raw snowboard talent, beer-soaked ambition and an eye for unique lines, the newly-forged crew took it hard to the streets in search of late-night sessions and urban creativity.

Beer & Rails hits taps 8.31.15.

» Rome Snowboards

Crash at Guardsman’s Pass – Tour of Utah 2015

I wonder what would be worse…Hitting that car at 50 mph or flying off the side of the mountain?

The Haugen

[vimeo 124675083 w=730]

These rippers have been breaking out of their shells and discovering who they really are.  Another unstoppable generation of riders is coming out of Trollhaugen and they’re bringing the heat.

Riders: Luke Zajac, Zach Zajac, Benny Milam, Garret Mckenzie, Nick Irwin, Gabe Walstrom, Cam Kaiser, and Cole Dimeglio

Edit: Zach Zajac

Film: Emit Salokar and Zach Zajac and others

Robbie Roethler | Park Edit | 2014-2015

You may think this is just a highlight real, and it is, but this park edit also displays how Robbie Roether rides every day.  Robbie Roethler’s 2014-2015 Park Edit is nothing short of amazing.  Hammer after hammer, banger after banger, Robbie rips jumps and thrashes rails.  It’s difficult to fill a 2:41 edit with so many heavy tricks, yet somehow Robbie goes above and beyond what is extraordinary.  How many riders riders have a Cab 270°- Front Board to Back Board (Change Up) – Pretzel Out as an ender?  Just one, Robbie Roethler.

Like Salomon decks like Robbie?  Check out what he rides HERE.

Edit: Billy Bjork