The Toseside Terrors Next Adventure

Based on the original comic by Justin Leveille “Powder Daze – The Tail The Toeside Terrors

The Devil and the Seven Ghosts

This looks like more fun than a lot of things.

SpnKIX – Lazy People Shoes

Something is terribly wrong with America.  Despite the economy, National Debt of $15,889,359,118.18 and obesity that has taken the US on a whirlwind ride – crap like SpnKIX continually pops up across the nation, and it sells.

I can just see it now, a bunch of investors listening to a pitch nodding their heads in agreement to the brilliant idea of SpnKIX.  SpnKIX are “Cool motorized skates that put wings on your feet.”  There is a lot more that could be said about SpnKIX. Read More

Chuckbuddies – Snowboard Toy


With a huge grasp on the European Action Sports Toy Market, Chuckbuddies recently decided to launch their flingable snowboarding toy in the US.  In December of 2011 Flow Snowboards began US distribution for Chuckbuddies; with over 100 shops selling Chuckbuddies it looks like they’ll bypass the once famous Huck Doll. Read More

Russian Door Surfing

If you can’t afford a wakesurf board use a door.  But if you can…go here.