Jerry Seinfeld on Skateboarding

That’s right, skateboarding will give anyone willing enough to try, life lessons.  When you fall, get back up and try it again.  Jerry Seinfeld is right, we’re going to be alright.

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15 Years of Gonz and Adidas

The Gonz + Adidas x 15 Years = Awesomeness

Mark Gonzales is arguably the most unique individual that rides a board, any kind of board.  This year Adidas celebrates a 15 year collaboration with the Gonz.  Even after watching every video or seeing every pic of him you will only get a glimpse of Mark’s brilliance; and the best part is, he’s not trying to be, he just is.

Stair Rover Skateboard

Are Stair Rover boards a step closer to Hoverboards? I hope so.

Sage & Willett – GoPro Follow Cam Mid Air Toss

This is what’s snowboarding is all about, dorking around and having fun.  By playing catch Sage Kotsenburg & Eric Willett may have the coolest GoPro HD Hero3 clip in all of snowboarding.  Imagine what they’re about to start in every park across the nation, little kids tossing GoPros to each other.  This could get weird.


Summer Snowboard Training – Prancercise

If you’re not fortunate enough to spend your summer on snow, there is are a few things you can do to keep your body in shred mode.  Sure there is skateboarding, hucking carcase  on a trampoline, and maybe some weightlifting – forget about them and check out something real; Prancercise.