McConkey and A Ski Day To Remember

Full Day Event Is Ready To Rock Minneapolis

When Derrick Taylor; avid skier, professional Gnarologist, and Minnesota native, heard that McConkey was coming to Minneapolis his first thought was “How can I help?!” His brainchild: A Ski Day to Remember. Taylor has created a full day event that leads up to the screening of the film at the Pantages Theatre. The plan includes a “Goof Troop” bus ride to Buck Hill, extreme shred fest, a fundraiser, a PoorHouse Happy Hour, the sickest Raffle of all time, and a full day of hyping the documentary. Proceeds from A Ski Day to Remember go to The Shane McConkey Foundation. Not only is McConkey the MUST SEE FILM OF THE YEAR but A Ski Day to Remember is THE MUST ATTEND EVENT OF THE WINTER!!! The amount of hi5′s on Novemeber 8, 2013 will be as endless as Shane’s passion for life. Be there or be square!

To find out how you can get involved with this rad event click here.

Lib Tech’s DTTD Heats Up Twin Cities


Minneapolis; MidWestern Urban Snowboarding Hotbed

DCIM107GOPRO3rd and Hennepin, Downtown Minneapolis; not what comes to mind when one thinks of snowboarding, let alone epic snowboarding. However, this was the site, on Saturday October 19, for the most anticipated urban snowboarding event in the industry.

Lib Tech’s Downtown Throwdown has been the epicenter of urban rail contests for the last 7 years. The brainchild of Lib Tech and Snowboys Productions’ Krush Kulesza, the Throwdown began as a small “Do It Yourself” contest in Seattle and has expanded into the leading event in urban snowboarding. In 2013, the DTTD moved from the West Coast to the MidWestern Urban Snowboarding Hotbed of Minneapolis. This year $20k in total prize money is on the line; the most in contest history and bringing the cumulative amount to $100k. Riders were chosen from edits posted on the internet that gained popularity due to progressive and daring moves. This comp is not for the mundane or competition heavy snowboarder. The Downtown Throwdown was created for the evolution of the sport, for the urban rider pushing the limits of their athleticism, pushing the limits of what can be done and in some cases what should be done. Think Cru Jones on Hell Track.

The DTTD has set itself apart from the bland and typical one to two feature contest. Creativity is the soul of action snow sports. The DTTD allows its participants to explore the expanse of their riding genius and provides the means by which to expound upon it. The best urban and park features are picked each year and set on a tiered structure. A typical contest has one to two features on a single level. Tricks get stagnant, predictable; riders reach a cap of trick inventory as feature options are non-existent. The 2013 DTTD Comp had nine of the best features on three different levels. The 150 foot structure rose from the asphalt to 30 feet into the grey skies. Urban snowboarding’s version of a Sphinx and Mona Lisa love child with a dash of Bro and garnish of Sickbird. Snowboarding is the paintbrush, Lib Tech’s Downtown Throwdown the canvas.  To see some more pics check out “Lib Tech’s Downtown Throwdown Rocks Minneapolis.”




DOWNTOWN THROWDOWN – Coming Minneapolis This Saturday

The Downtown Throwdown is hitting the streets of Minneapolis this Saturday, October 19th. Get yourself to 3rd and Hennepin by noon to witness some of the best snowboarders get wild on the biggest and most badass course to date!

Line-up includes:

  • Forest Bailey
  • Dylan Thompson
  • Nial Romanek
  • Ted Borland
  • Brandon Hobush
  • Andrew Brewer
  • Dylan Alito
  • Jaeger Bailey
  • Ryan Paul
  • Mitch Richmond
  • Jonas Michilot
  • Yusaku Horii
  • Sam Taxwood
  • Jordan Michilot
  • Brendan Gerard
  • Johnny Lazz
  • Tyler Lynch
  • Spencer Shubert
  • Brandon Hammid
  • Jesse Paul


2013 Downtown Throwdown – Coming to Minneapolis, MN!

DTTD_minneapolis MN 600

The House is proud to be a sponsor of the 2013 Downtown Throwdown – The best urban snowboarding event in the world!

After 7 successful years Snowboy Productions and Lib Tech Snowboards  thought it was about time to take this shred show on the road. That’s right, the 2013 DOWNTOWN THROWDOWN (DTTD) has gone national and the first stop is in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesnowda on October 19th! Why Minnesota you ask…  Because, “Minnesota has one of the most respected and thriving shred scenes in the world…” -Krush Kulesza

New Course

More scaffolding, more snow  and more features. Means More Action!  More details coming soon…

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Avenues for Homeless Youth – Paddleboard Benefit Fun Race


Stand-Up for Avenues  is a paddlebaord race for all skill levels going on this Statuary at Lake Calhoun’s North Beach. The goal of event is to raised money for Avenues for Homeless, which is a a non-profit agency that support  homeless youth in Minnesota.


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