Win a Sapient MX2 BMX Bike on Twitter This Week!

Congrats go out to @diandraN26 and @HollyWPS on winning this weeks #FF Freebie. They’ve each got an O’Brien Swift towable tube coming in the mail to them!

This week we’ve got a Sapient MX2/Lumino BMX Bike to give away to one lucky winner! Follow and mention @houseboardshop on twitter to enter to win. One random winner will be drawn on July 8th, 2011!

30 Responses to “Win a Sapient MX2 BMX Bike on Twitter This Week!”

  1. i been wanting this bike for ever just dont have the money i went on this page every day the last few weeks

  2. Janet on said:

    That looks like a fun bike. Thanks for the chance to win it. 🙂

  3. Diane Baum on said:

    Wheels turning riding high, on my Sapient MX2/Lumino BMX Bike

  4. Melissa Kelley on said:

    Tweeted and following!


  5. ( This bike looks awesome. Well HOPE I WIN.

    been tweeting @toothfairycyber in this race to win a sweet BMX for kiddo!

  7. Mary Rodowicz on said:

    Ty sooo much for the chance to win !! Being a single Mom things are tight so Im not able to afford a new BMX to win this my kid would be in heaven!!!! @alongcamemary1 Mary =)

  8. Mary Rodowicz on said:

    Tweeted giveaway !! ty for the chance!!! @alongcamemary1 Mary =)

  9. laurel keating on said:

    this would be amazing for my son, he would love this thanks for the chance, I tweeted and shared, thanks @tomgirlbc

  10. paul on said:

    this would be great for my step son, good luck to everyone

  11. Terri S Crum on said:

    Super giveaway!! Thanks for the chance!! My son really need a new bike! Tweeted & shared!!

  12. my lil bros wanted a sapient but my dad wouldnt let them bec of there alrdy so called working mongoose bmx bikes but the brakes dont work on them and countless things are wrong with them so it would be really nice if we won one then my dad could see how much better these bikes are vs a walmart mongoose and let my other bro get one as well i hope they could win my twitter account is @angiesendslove if they won a sapient you would make there life and they would love you guys forever you would help a kid in need of a good bmx bike get a bike he would love forever!

  13. Paula Caudill on said:

    Would love to have this for my birthday, hope it isn’t gone yet, would love to have a chance. Thank you 😀 I am following on Twitter @sexyknickers68

  14. Carolyn Barnett on said:

    Tweeting and following as @crb370981954.This would be for my nephew.

  15. julian hill on said:

    hi my name is julian im a 13yr old biker about to turn 14 on july 31 and ive been biker for one year 1 year on a 1995 diomond back it sucks beacause it weighs 35 pounds i can do many things on it but please i would love to have this bike god bless you thank you

  16. julian hill on said:

    some times im so angry and sad that i wake up and look in the mirror and punch myself… the FACE and in the afternoon i go outside and run full speed at brick walls if u want my tragic acts to stop you should give me that bike thank you well its about 12 o clock gotta go out side and practice my running skills into a brick wall thanks hahaha

  17. ryan murphy on said:

    i think i deserve the bike because my father died and my mom works from 7am to 10pm every day and i need a way to get around because i live in a bad town and i cant take the bus

  18. Hey guys I just love Bmx and this is a amazing bike I frown on all the people that lie for the bike now if they realy were poor I would rather u give the bike to them butt I love bikes and if u Guys gave me this free bike idk what I would doo other than flip out and be like dude!!!!!! That’s awsome!!! And idk what I could do to thank you guys if u do

  19. i need this bike because my cuzin will be turning 8 and she needs a bike and i would die to have this bike and purple is like her favorite color and well i have light purple forks and peadles and handle bars and cuz she says she wants to b just like me cuz she likes when i barspin she i guess likes purple well of course a girl thing lol and well ill buy her a bike and all but this is free and its a nice bike tht i could light her eyes up with cheer and well in 8 years i hope u guys have a car in the cuz she is gonna b driving lol hope u pick me thanxxxx!!!!!!!!!

  20. hey guys the house .com is my favorite web site and the only thing i talk about is bmx bikes and i really like them and my dream is to be a bmx bike that does all the cool tricks like tail whip,bar spins,180, 360 and more and i really need it cause i dont take the bus to school cause i cant and i need a way cuz really don’t like walking and i really want a good bmx bike cause i want to be able to get sponsored thanks and have a good day or night

  21. blazejohnstonb on said:

    hey,it my b-day today and i’ve been wanting to buy i sapient for over 2 years i just dont have the money so…….. i hope i win this bike thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  22. ryan singh on said:

    hey i want a free bike because i dont have the money and i want to ride with my friends they all have bikes and am like the only one that dont have a bike and i have been doing some tricks on my friends bike they let me ride it and i really hope i can get one…

  23. the reason why i need this bike is because im out of money completely like $0 and i realy need a bike. last time i got a bike was when i had a little money and i got this cheat bike. the second day i rode it i was doing a manual and the freaking front wheel fell of and i fell and almost broke my nose. After i fixed the front wheel and made sure it was on tite realy tite. so the next day i was riding and i went to go do a foot jam tale whip but i didnt knowtis that the chain poped so i did the tale whip and the back wheel when flying into a car luckly the car was parked and the alarm didnt go off. i was so angry i just threw it away and ever since i was not able to make enough money to buy a reliable bike like i know this one will be if i win it. and thank you THE HOUSE OUTDOOR GEAR

  24. The last comment i left is a very ture story i just hate that bike and thats why i NEED this bike. the house outdoor gear ROCKS and thanks for putting this bike for contest

  25. hafidz on said:

    i need a bmx bike because i been walking to school from my house to my sch,my school is very far it take m 1h 50min to reach my school and my teacher would scold me why am i late… please get me this bmx bike if you give me this bmx bike i will be gratefull for u….

  26. I should win this bike because I’ve been wanting a bike scince I was in the 5th grade and my parents can’t get me one cause of the money my friends ask me to go riding but I don’t have a bike to ride ive been saving uP for a while but I can’t get a job because of my age so please can I have the bike , my little sister looks up to me because she likes bmx to and if I don’t have a bike how am I supposed to get a bike

  27. hi i am travis and i live in baltimore city this past chrismiss my pro sapient capa 2 bmx bike was stolen from me there was sumthing aboat that bike that i love jest rideing that bike made my day but i still have the bookbag and the moves that came with it but without the bike its not complet p.s true bmx rider travis

  28. that a bummer to hear. What color was it?

  29. My name is branden and i would love to have this bike. i grew up in the worst part of cleveland ohio so everytime i got a new bike it got stolen. i finally moved but cant afford a bike because my insurence. i love to bmx when i get the chance to and where i live now they have alot of bmx spots. but im always left out because i dont have a bike. also i would love to learn how to bmx like alot of my friends nd since this is a starter bike i would love to get it.

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