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One of the first things they teach you in business school is to avoid art for art’s sake. Lucky for us, this ain’t no business, this is a lifestyle, and artsy stuff just gives us a feeling just like that just-landed-a-trick-for-the-first-time vibe. JC Pieri is a Frenchman who spent the past summer touring the states with his friend Ben Snowden, he’s a filmer by trade, but the kid’s nearly as good behind the bars as he is behind the lens, and he put together this edit from his trip of his own rolling around abilities.

France will tell you that they are the cultural epicenter of the world, and its stuff like this that back up their statements. Pieri rides bike parks all over the west coast in this edit, with his eclectic blend of tricks, and a bag of mounts and dismounts that will have you thinking twice about your style next time you throw a leg over the seat.

The Vimeo summary Pieri posted with the video sums up his perspective pretty perfectly, “In this video i tried like in my previous video for Amity, to create some stupid tricks to show that even if you’re in the best skatepark you can find funny stuff to do without tailwhip or barspin everywhere.”

JC’s manual on water have you praising Pieri’s style? Check out the rest of his vimeo channel.

3 Responses to “JC Pieri's American Dream | BMX Abroad”

  1. Karen Stauder on said:

    my son and nephew bought bikes back in july and they both have literally fallen apart.very dangerous bikes .back wheel and chain very faulty

  2. Mike Hunt on said:

    you bought bikes from JC pieri? i thought he just filmed and rode but he welds too?? what a renaissance man!

  3. Eric Meyers on said:

    Hey Ms. Stauder, we can’t have bikes falling apart on your nephews! Lets see if we can take care of you. The bikes are probably still under warranty. Our warranty dept can be reached at 800-992-7245 and they’d be more than happy to come up with a solution, or check out this page for more information.


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